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  about Rachael

Rachael is a nationally known animal communicator, professional animal behaviorist and spiritual teacher. She has a solid understanding of animal behavior fundamentals and an uncanny understanding of animals and their people. Rachael's intuition and animal communication skill has helped many an owner work with a behavior issue or  medical concern with their animal as well as just build the bond there.  She has also found several lost pets and a few missing persons as well..

Rachael's interest in animal and the metaphysical began at a young age when she volunteered at veterinarians offices, shelters and had her own pet sitting and behavior consulting business. Rachael took her intuitive and communication skills for granted until she began to realize that other people did not have the same abilities she did. With her desire to help people and share the wisdom and humor of animals, Rachael developed her animal communication and behavior business. This was later followed by teaching workshops on a variety of topics from Bach Flower Remedies to Angels and Guides. Her mission is to help people and animals understand their behavior and realize the power within themselves.

 Rachael is available for individual sessions, workshops, and lectures.  Jacob, brown tabby with Rachael,  is shown at age 19. 

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