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animal behavior 

Can Rachael help my animal?

**Rachael specializes in issues of fear and anxiety

 often found in rescue dogs or cats, and the symptoms that result from them**

**Increase your adoptions! Prevent returns! Rachael can customize a workshop/lecture for your rescue,  shelter or behavior group on behavior issues or socialization. Handouts given. Workshops on socialization of 'special needs' cats and dogs are her specialty**

Rachael is a nationally known dog and cat behaviorist with a solid understanding of animal behavior fundamentals and an uncanny understanding of animals and their people.

Rachael’s prior experience in counseling and social work coupled with her training in animal behavior well equips her for her work with cats, dogs, and their owners. Rachael feels that  pets often mirror their owner’s emotions and feelings and act them out for the owner. She also feels that our animals can be the barometer of tension or change in the household. As one client put it “ When Rachael came to the house I think I may have learned more from her about me than about my cat. She went right to the real issues behind my cats behavior and helped me work through them”.  Rachael works at the root cause level of behavior issues. She can quickly size up a situation, determine the root cause, and provide insight and recommendations that yield results. Her sense of humor and intuitive wisdom has helped countless owners and their cats. Rachael is often used as a resource by other behaviorists. 

Rachael is available for individual sessions, workshops, and lectures. Most of her cases resolve in 3 session and her 3 session package is what is most often sold.

Some of the issues Rachael has worked with include:

  •  excessive nervousness and generalized anxiety 

  •  excessive barking

  •  fear of men, thunderstorms, loud noises, car rides

  •  inability to groom, sensitivity to touch

  •  aggression to other animals and people

  •  inappropriate chewing or eating

  •  inappropriate elimination (dogs and cats.. litter box issues.. yes!)

  •  separation anxiety

  •  lack of focus, excitability

  •  multi pet household aggression

  • stress related to a new household or a move

  • stress related to a sudden medical condition (loss of limb, blindness)


  • choosing a new pet

Rachael uses only positive training methods and her focus in on training YOU to help your animal. In her three session behavior series, the first session is used to assess the issue(s), make recommendations and train you and your animal how to follow through on those recommendations. Plenty of time is available for questions and demonstration. Rachael then comes back in generally a week to check status, make any refinements and encourage you on your progress. The 3rd session is generally scheduled 2-3 weeks out from the second session and is used to review what we have learned and to show you how to maintain that change. None of Rachael's cases have gone past 3 sessions.

Rachael uses Tellington Touch in many of her cases especially those involving fear and anxiety. Click here to read about Tellington Touch.


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