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animal communication

What is is and how is it used? 

Animal communication is communicating with animals via a mental telepathic link. We each have 4 intuitive gifts: hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing. We can use these gifts and mental telepathy to communicate with animals.  This is a heart to heart, mind to mind connection and is not dependent on the animal actually being physically present.  A photo or description is all that is needed to make the initial connection. Animals who are lost or past can be contacted as well. The animal communicator receives and sends pictures, sounds, feelings, even words back and forth to the animal. An animal communicator can tell you what your animal thinks or feels and can enable you to ask questions of your animal or hear their input. 

Animal Communication is used in a number of ways.

-         Building a stronger bond with your pet

-         Resolving behavior issues 

-         Locating a lost pet

-         To fine tune medical diagnoses 

-         Deciding death and dying issues   

Animal Communication (via phone or in person)

This is a real time communication either via phone or in person. Rachael will be communicating to your animal real time giving you an opportunity to respond and participate fully in the conversation. If via phone, please send a digital or hard copy photo before the session.  Minimum in home session (your home or mine) is 1 hour. Sessions are charged per quarter hour.

Animal Communication (email transcript offline session-48 hour turnaround)

This is an offline communication with your animal or animals. This is often useful for busy people or for resolving issues. Often time it is useful to speak with the animal offline without the owners presence about a particularly pressing issue and then discuss it with the owner afterwards. This can reduce the emotion involved in such issues.  This may also include a reiki healing session and a medical body scan for pain or blockages. Questions and photos are sent in advance for these sessions and Rachael will send the response generally within 48 hours. 

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