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do these things now for your lost pet

When you lose a pet it is important to act fast. Make sure these  items are your top priority:

The most important thing..

Please please if your dog or cat is still in the area, please leave food and water out. It serves three purposes, reduces the need for the animal to wander further, protects him or her from thirst and hunger and it can draw them back if they are not too far. Please do not assume your dog or cat can find food or water on their own.

Lost pet signs..

Make up flyers with your lost pet's photo, last location and date, time where lost and any other identifying information. A name is fine, but remember that some animals will not respond to their name when frightened. Offer an award. Post your flyers near where the animal was lost, at grocery stores, pet stores, vets, police stations, fire stations. 

Getting the word out

Talk to the police and fire (or security)  in your neighborhood about your lost pet. Physically hand them a flyer. Go door to door in your neighborhood or the search area with flyers about your  lost pet. Talk to parents and kids in playgrounds.  A large percentage of kids find lost pets. Is your animal a cat? Ask if there are any people who are feeding cats in the neighborhood or any other ready sources of food. Post signs and go there... more than once.

Approach  newspapers, radio stations. Anyone who will give you press. A lot of people want to help with lost pets. You are  not alone. 

Check shelters every day in person

Notify shelters about your lost pet  and post a flyer there. Check shelters every day. Do not rely on the shelter to correctly ID your lost pet and let you know if he is there or not.

Personality Search Tips

Is your cat an indoor cat?

Most indoor cats are found within a 1 block or a few house radius of their house. Pay particuilar attention there. Please do not think you can 'find' your cat. Cats are very difficult to find. They hide well and move fast. Draw them out with food and water

Is your cat an outdoor cat?

If you cat normally comes home at night, chances are if you have not moved suddenly that you cat is hurt or unable to find his way home. Check garages, places where he or she can hide and be safe when hurt or locations where he acidently might have gotten locked in. Was he or she sick or ill or aged, a lot of animals will leave home to pass to avoid causing stress on their owner

Is your dog a small, cute dog?

Small cute dogs rarely make it far without being picked up by some friendly or not so friendly neighbor. Good signage is your best weapon here and make sure your dog has a collar and tag.

Is your dog an aggressive looking breed or large?

Most people call the dog warden or pound on dogs like this. They can also travel far. Widen your search, use signs and get the word out. Some breeds are more likely to get stolen than others. Contact the police for a list of dog fighting or theft rings in the area.

Check here for more help!!       http://www.lostapet.org/




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