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preparation for your lost pet consultation

"...Rachael, Just wanted to let you know that I followed your directions this am and found Daisy in the dead grass. " Dawn, lost cat case, cat recovered in large field


For a more effective lost pet consultation, please prepare for your session and send the following information in advance of your session time.

1. name of animal

2. description of animal, name, age, coloring or photo

3. when 'lost' and where lost from (the address)

4. what has been done so far to find him or her

5. any sightings? if so when and where

6. are there any other animals in the household? name and description of those. We will utilize them in our search

7. personality of animal (shy, fearful, outgoing, aggressive. if it is a cat, is it an outdoor cat or an indoor cat. 

Rachael  will utilize the above and pull an online map to get an idea of natural barriers and terrain and to do dowsing for a general sense of an area which Rachael  will narrow down via the communication. Good maps may be found at http://www.terraserver.com

A minimum session time will be required for the first lost pet appointment. This covers an offline reading, map dowsing and an online phone call with you and your animal. 

Emergency and In Person sessions are available

Check this website out for more tips!  http://www.lostapet.org/



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