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Services Descriptions

Animal Communication (phone or in person)

This is a real time communication either via phone or in person. Rachael will be communicating to your animal real time giving you an opportunity to respond and participate fully in the conversation. If via phone, please send a digital or hard copy photo before the session. Minimum in home session (yours or mine) is 1 hour.

Animal Communication (email session)

This is an offline communication with your animal or animals. This is often useful for busy people or for resolving issues. Often time it is useful to speak with the animal offline without the owners presence about a particularly pressing issue and then discuss it with the owner afterwards. This can reduce the emotion involved in such issues. Questions and photos are sent in advance for these sessions.

Animal Behavior session

This is an onsite in-person consultation. The first appointment is generally an assessment, analysis and first recommendation. THe second appointment fine tunes those recommendations and the third is used simply to follow up and ensure proper follow up and maintenance of the behavior change is being done. Rachael sells 99% of her behavior consultations in packages of 3.


Reiki  (ray-key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a therapy that can be used on people and animals. It is painless and produces a feeling of well-being, increased ability to heal oneself and reduced pain. 

Commons indications for  Reiki are: back pain, joint pain caused by arthritis, general feeling of malaise, hair loss in pets, stomach or digestion difficulties or as a general energy boost. Reiki is used in many medical centers today. Rachael is Master Trainer certified in Usui Reiki for people and animals and provides distance healing sessions.

Bach Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid preparations, containing only minute traces of actual flowers, which convey the vibrational pattern and essence of specific flowers. Their action is not biochemical, but vibrational.  Flower remedies work on an energy level correcting imbalances in a personís energy. Research shows a clear interrelationship between physical illness, stress and emotional/mental outlook. Flower essences help address mental/emotional issues which often underlay stress and health problems, helping to counteract or correct these. Rachael may recommend flower essences when working with your animals or you! 





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