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"Thanks again for the reading last Wednesday- it was a fascinating experience and we feel better about our relationship with Sybil because of it.... Thought you'd find this interesting: On the following Friday evening we had some family over to watch a movie. After it ended and we were discussing what we had just watched- there was a sudden buzzing noise... I looked around at everyone's cell phone trying to see which one was ringing. It wasn't a phone. In a drawer in the coffee table was a battery operated massager (no... not THAT kind) that I would use on Bo sometimes. He would let me run it around his neck, shoulders & back for as long as I wanted, purring all the while. He really seemed to enjoy it. I opened the drawer and pulled it out... still running... and shut it off. The date was October 15th... Bo's Adoption day." ~Debi and Lance S and "Bo" (deceased and pictured)  and "Sybil"

I did not expect such specific information.. I can't thank you enough for doing this. I am moved by what she said. Thank you!" Christie Aikins, "Sharps"

"We had a great session with you at the Iowa Pet Expo. In fact,  you said Sophie wants a red ribbon in her hair. A few hours later, we walked down another aisle of the Pet Expo and Aussie Pet Mobile put a red bow in Sophie's hair. I asked the Aussie lady if she was in kahoots with you and she looked puzzled and said "no". Sophie was prancing when she got the  bow in her hair. She loved it." Cathy and Rod W. and beautiful "Sophie" (pictured), 

"Thank you for helping me find Tobin. I was so scared.. He was right where you said he would be" Chuck and "Tobin", cat lost for 4 days

"Max is much calmer and happier now, he greets people at the door instead of hiding" Jenny and "Max"

"Sam is so much calmer now and his barking is even reduced" Amy Powell and "Sam"
Animal Behavior session

"You were right on regarding Sarah and her fears. I think just talking to you helped reduce them. She is much calmer now" Jenny and little miss "Sarah" 

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