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wellness days

Rachael coordinates Wellness Days, a mobile holistic educational event. If you own or are affiliated with retail business such as a groomer, doggie day care, dog training facility, rescue, stable, boarding facility or simply own a large house on large property, Wellness Days might be an idea for you. Holistic Fairs are often crowded and you can not get in to who you want to see...much less sign up for a sample session. Wellness Days brings the holistic fair to you. Participants range from: animal communicator, animal behaviorist, essential oil or massage therapist, aura reader, Reiki specialist and other similar animal healing professions...all working together as a network for you and your friends or clients.  The hosting party does nothing except agree to host the event and work with Rachael as necessary to help coordinate.  Wellness Days participants bring their own setup and provide educational lectures and services on site. The best part about it.. the hosting party gets 1 free service or item from each vendor!

Wellness Days Holistic Events

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