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animal communication series

workshop descriptions


...There is a difference between believing in animal communication and in admitting that you do. To admit that you believe in animal communications is to admit that animals have feelings, wants, and needs too... and to admit that means you can never go back to treating an animal the same way ever again..."      Felix,14 year old cat

 Introduction to Animal Communication

Curious about animal communication? Just sampling right now?  This course is designed for you. What animal communication is, how it works, and when it is used are just some of the topics covered in this course. .  There will be lots of time is left for question and answers. Learn 3 key tips to communicate with your animal. This is a 90 minute seminar and is typically given at a place of business.  No prerequisite. 2 hours. Cost $55

Animal Communication I

Saturday, Sunday, 

9 to 1 pm each day, Naperville Location, Directions and information emailed to those who register, $200

                                       CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

The basics of animal communication are covered in detail in this course.  Participants will discover how they are already communicating with animals. Participants will undergo meditations to learn how it feels to actually be an animal and to practice telepathic sending and receiving.  Several practice sessions will be done where you talk to other participantís animals and then your own. Rachael will verify the information you receive and will give feedback from her and the animals after every practice session. Fun, very enjoyable class! You can learn to talk to animals!  No prerequisite. Certificate of completion provided. 8 hours. Cost $200. 

Animal Communication II

 This is for students who want to practice what they have learned in animal communication I and want to deepen their understanding. The course will start off with a quick review of what was learned in animal communication I and then will go into more in-depth study of animal communication, more practice and more feedback. Emphasis is placed on mastering the fundamentals of animal communication with your own and other animals. Back yard animals will be worked with as well. Animal totems will be discussed as well as working with special situations such as animals who are in distress or lost. This is a 2 full day class. Prerequisite Animal Communication I or other approved course. Certificate of completion provided. 16 hours. Cost $350.

 Animal communication III 

This carries us forward in our understanding of animal communication, animal totems and the animals purpose in our lifes. This class includes more practices and more meditations. At time, students will be allowed to practice on a live case. Animal Communication III also describes issues and challenges with being a professional animal communicator including: ethics, marketing, insurance, sales etc. This is a fun class for all and particularly informative for those looking to go in the field. This is a 1 full day class. Prerequisite Animal Communication II or other approved course. Certificate of completion provided. 8 hours. Lunch provided. Cost $100 

Animal Communication Mentoring

 Prerequisite is Animal Communication I. This program is for students looking to improve their skills with 1:1 30 minute mentoring sessions. Sold in packages of 5 sessions. Prerequisite Animal Communication I or other approved course. Package of 5 sessions $225.

Animal Communication Personalized Instruction 

Have a special need that precludes you from learning with others or just do better learning with one on one instruction? This package might be right for you.  Rachael has worked with the kids as young as 5, foreign speaking persons and a person who are deaf and mute to teach them animal communication. Please contact Rachael to set up your own personalized instruction plan. Costs vary. Certificate of completion provided. 








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